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Give it a Shot

June 13 - June 23

Cora Si

Every year we invite artists from Macau and neighboring regions to try a creative method outside of their comfort zone in order to challenge themselves. The goal is not to create a “complete perfect” work in the first stage, the most important is the possibility of exploration and development. In this way, the work goes through several stages, and the audience’s participation in one of the stages (viewing the work) makes them, in a way, a part of the creative process. The interaction between the audience and the artist can create a beautiful process.

One “Give it a shot” series programme ticket include two creators’ presentation and can redeem a drink coupon of BOK Club. Please award the theatre location of the presentation that show on the ticket.

Give it a Shot (1)
Cora Si + Fan Jiang
13/06, 20:00 Starting point: Live Music Association (LMA)
14/06, 20:00 Starting point: Pou Fong Industrial Building
15/06, 20:00 Starting point: Pou Fong Industrial Building

Give it a Shot (2)
Vinci Mok + Ieng Ut
14/06, 20:00 Starting point: Hiu Kok Arts Centre@Hopewell
15/06, 20:00 Starting point: Hiu Kok Arts Centre@Hopewell
16/06, 20:00 Starting point: Ox Warehouse

Give it a Shot (3)
Natalie PunMiki To
18/06, 15:00 Starting point: Step Out Theatre
19/06, 11:00  Starting point: Artistry of Wind Box
19/06, 15:00 Starting point: Artistry of Wind Box

Give it a Shot (4)
Su Ching Ieong + Water Singers
21/06, 20:00 Starting point: Casa de Portugal
22/06, 20:00  Starting point: Hiu Kok Experimental Theatre​
23/06, 20:00 Starting point: Casa de Portugal

Source: BOK Festival


June 13 - June 23
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Live Music Association (LMA)
Avenida do Coronel Mesquita, 50 - 11B
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