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May 12 - May 15


In Micro-Shakespeare, produced for the Royal National Theatre in London, Spain’s Laitrum Teatre takes on a challenge that is by no means easy: to condense each of the vast and monumental works of William Shakespeare into five eight-minute pieces.

The “spectator” behind the box-theatre is going to receive instructions through the earpieces and move objects according to the instructions without knowing why he/she does it and what he/she is doing.

The spectators, who are in front of the box-theatre watching the show, are enjoying a work of Shakespeare through the earpieces. The story becomes real thanks to the movements of the “actor”.

Shakespeare as you have never seen before… humour, love, scheme, death, revenge, the public converted to actors and a big ovation. Don’t miss this face-to-face theatre masterpieces.

Sessions on May 12 and 13: 12 pm to 3.30 pm

Sessions on May 14 and 15: 3 pm to 6 pm

Source: 27th Macao Arts Festival


May 12 - May 15
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Five box-theatres in total; each visit takes around 8 minutes


Jorge Álvares Square
Jorge Álvares Square
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