By Sofia Jesus

I leave you with two treasures for this weekend: a guided tour to Lai Chi Vun, this afternoon, and the last gems of this year’s edition of The Script Road — Macau Literary Festival.

The guided tour to Lai Chi Vun’s old shipyards is scheduled to start today, Saturday, March 18, at 3 pm, so hurry up if you want to find out more about the place. The event is called Our Past: Stories of the fishing village of Lai Chi Vun, is organised by the publication All About Macau and it includes a map full of information, put together by architects and other experts.

As the current edition of The Script Road comes to an end on Sunday, this is your last weekend to enjoy the opportunity to listen to some of the prestigious writers the event has brought to town.

Today, Saturday, you can spend a nice literary afternoon at the Old Court Building. Author Krys Lee will be interviewed at 3 pm, in a session called Between Two Koreas. One hour after, in the same venue,  Zhang Yueran and Tse Hiu-hung (Dorothy) will be speaking about how Short Stories Can Be Big.

Another event that sounds very interesting is Macau Days — An Exhibition with Words, which John Young and Brian Castro will be holding at 5 pm.

Those of you interested in the Portuguese language have a chance to discover more about it in Aesthetic Intersections and Affinities between the Portuguese-Language, a session held by academics Inocência Mata and Fernanda Gil Costa. It is scheduled to 6 pm.

At 7 pm, do not miss the chance to hear famous Chinese writer Hu Yua, in the session called Yu Hua in 10 words.

The evening closes at the University of Macau with Back Box Theatre Block E21.

Tomorrow, Sunday, at 2 pm, what better way to start your farewell to the festival than heading to beautiful Sir Robert Ho Tung Library for a poetry reading called The Garden of Words, with James Shea and António MR Martins? The session will be followed by another called Imagining Macau: Five Macau Young Poets and Their Works, with Lou Kit Wa, Wong In In, Mok Hei Sai, Tam Chon Ieng and Lau Sou Heng.

At 3 pm tomorrow, back to the Old Court Building, you can find out more about José Manuel Simões’s book Deus Tupã, Carlos Morais José’s O Arquivo das Confissões: Bernardo Vasques e a Inveja and António MR Martins’s Empresta-me a Palavra. The series The Writers and Their Books continues at 4.30 pm with btr — Mini —, James Shea – The Lost Novel — and Xu Xi — That Man in Our Lives. The feast goes on at 5.30 pm with Echoes of the Cultural Revolution in Literature, by btr, Rai Mutsu and Eric Chau.

At 6.30 pm, do not miss Scottish writer Graeme Macrae Burnet speaking about His Bloody Project, shortlisted for the 2016 Man Booker Prize.

The festival will then come to a close with the presentation of The Script Road’s Short Stories and Other Writings book V, at 7.30 pm.

Instead of feeling sad that the literary feast comes to an end for now, celebrate it at its Closing Ceremonies, at China Rouge, in Galaxy Macau, from 10 pm.