by Luciana Leitão

Today, January 20, it’s time to check artist José Drummond’s solo exhibition I’m Too Sad to Tell You’s opening, at Orient Foundation. In addition, this weekend don’t miss the opportunity for the opening of the third cycle of cinema of Mozambique at Rui Cunha Foundation.

Let’s start with José Drummond’s exhibition, organised by Babel. This is a complete show that brings photos, video installations and music. It is built from the inability of expression of feelings. Within the three series of photographs that constitute the exhibition there is water connecting them. But the central piece of the exhibition is the video installation associated to “multiplicity, shadows and mirrors,” as the artist mentioned to newspaper Ponto Final.

After the exhibition, don’t miss the chance to dance, with the party Insomnia, in partnership with Macau Dance Music Association, featuring Dj’s D’Mond, D-Hoo, Kit Leong and Sérgio Rola, starting from 11 pm, at Hyper Club.

Also this weekend, don’t miss the third cycle of cinema of Mozambique, starting tomorrow, January 21, at Rui Cunha Foundation. The organisers mention that throughout the years, Mozambique’s cinema has “gained experience” and has become mature, even though still witgout professional actors. “More than political cinema, it tells stories of facts like the human drama, in stories of fiction based in real facts; it reveals the society post-colony in all its contradictions”. For this cycle, five works have been selected, four of which are done by director Licínio Azevedo and one is by director Teresa Prata, based on a book ny author Mia Couto.

A good and filled weekend for those who love art, in its different expressions.