By Luciana Leitão

There’s a lot to do this weekend. Firstly, Cinemathèque Passion is already opened and now showing Nobuhiro Yamashita’s Over the Fence. Then, there’s the opening of two exhibitions art Ox Warehouse. To top it all, there’s a promising dance workshop.

Let me start by highlighting tomorrow’s première at Cinemathèque Passion. Now under new management, tomorrow starts the cycle of what promises to be a great period for independent film screening in the territory. The Japanese film Over the Fence will be screened from April 1 to April 12, in various schedules, to fit the different busy working timetables of Macau population. Having been screened in a few of Asian’s topi film festivals, like the Hong Kong Asia Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival and SPOT-Taipei, this is a love story, by director Nobuhiro Yamashita. “Films of Yamashita focus on the sorrow and heaviness, making him quite different from other directors,” says a note on the event’s Facebook page.

Another promising event is a dance workshop titled Off|Site — Performance as Image Progression and Perceptual Activity: a Choreographic Tool, by the Chinese coreographer and performance artist Yuebing Luo, who has just recently finished her Master of Arts in Solo/Dance/Authorship (SoDA) in HZT – Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin. “During the workshop, Yuebing will share her unique creative process in the group, a choreography idea base on the visual image as a tool to explore performers’ body awareness and initiate movement materials. in the process, instructor will lead participants to treat choreography a series of body images,” according to the event’s page. The workshop takes place today, March 31, 7.30 pm, on April 1, 7.30 pm and on April 2, 3 pm, at Macau no Coração (心在澳門葡萄牙土風舞協會排練室 (澳門宋玉生廣場180號東南亞商業中心7樓A座) and Hiu Kok Arts Center @ Hopwell (曉角藝術中心 (澳門提督馬路163-165號合和工業大廈3樓A座).

Then, there’s the opening of two exhibitions at Ox Warehouse, on April 2, at 4 pm, under the Seeds in Spring — Open Call Selection for Exhibition programme. One of them is titled Mǎorganic, featuring works by artists Alan Ieon, TKH, Jack Wong and Rusty Fox. “A collaboration project by four artists, where ‘mǎo’ is the pronounciation of the Chinese word ‘冇’, which means ‘nothing’ or ‘negativeness’,” the organisers mention.Our works explore the relation between man-made and natural objects in order to discover how they change or rectify people’s perception of what Nature is, trying to seek on what foundation do modern city dwellers define Nature.”

The other exhibition also opening on April 2, 4 pm, at Ox Warehouse, is titled Afterwards…-Works by Lee Suet-ying. “My works are usually site-specific works, therefore, they are hardly conserved but only part of the pieces or even just images/video records [remain],” the artist explains. “The site from a particular time and space will come to the present exhibition space through the visual records, however, the meaning of the work will be left behind at the ‘specific site’ in the past. I don’t want to just showing the visual records, but through the re-occurring process, link up the site in the past to the present exhibition space.” An “experiment,” as the artist calls it.

One last note to refer the exhibition by artist Ieong Man Pan. Titled 99999, it opened yesterday, March 30, but it will stay until April 29, at Creative Macau. Combining gaming chips with other images of landscapes and monuments, resorting to a post-editing process, the artist reflects on the impact the gaming liberalisation has had in Macau. Not to be missed.