By Luciana Leitão

The title alone already implies we’re on to something. Transparent is an American web television series created by Jill Soloway for Amazon Studios, that revolves around the Pfefferman, a LA-based family. It all starts when the father, Mort (Jeffrey Tambor), assumes he is transgender who now wishes to be Maura. From then on, everything and everyone becomes more transparent.

The series revolves around the idea of gender identity, focusing on Mort-Maura. But a lot of the cast actually is transgender, as this was a conscious option by the director. Transparent is a brutally honest television series that takes us into a physical and spiritual journey. Moving beyond superficialities, Transparent takes us through the difficult and sometimes non-conventional behaviour of human beings.

Maura is transparent, but so are her children, following her words. Actually, everything becomes more transparent, as secrets start being revealed and the borders between each other fall. They all are going through different phases in life, which combine a marriage turning sour, a son who discovers being a father many years later or a daughter adrift through life, experimenting everything. From the first to the second and the third seasons, the series moves always a step up, remaining humorous and poignant.

This is a Los Angeles family with serious relationship issues. After knowing the truth about Mort-Maura, the relationships between each other will alter, as secrets are revealed and difficulties increase. These dysfunctional family members travel through Transparent making their journey towards self-knowledge.

Transparent is about personal change. It is a sophisticated testimony to humanness, in all its imperfection. Transparent is about all of us.