By Sofia Jesus

Macau is celebrating its library week, following the World Book Day on April 23, but the feast lasts a lot more than seven days. In addition to the book exchange programme and book fairs held in various public libraries across the city, there will also be shows, seminars and workshops aimed at promoting reading habits among the younger generations.

This Saturday, April 30, you can attend a session called “When Stories Pop-up from books: Children Puppetry, Streets Flooded in Heavy Rain”. It is “a local sea tale to be told with puppetry, pop-up books and  nursery rhymes to unlock children’s imagination of the sea”. The session will be held in Cantonese — “no interpretation provided” — at S. Lourenço Library.

On May 7 and 8, Alice Tung will share with the audience her experience on “promoting creative reading,” according to the Macau Library Week official programme. The seminar, divided into two parts, will be held also in Cantonese — with no interpretation — at Sir Robert Hu Tong Library.

Some of Ms Tung’s strategies are related to “creative reading clubs featuring picture books, pop-up books and acting competitions”.

“These diverse creative reading promotion strategies will help enhance the reading atmosphere on campus, facilitate home-school co-operation and cultivate students’ interest in reading,” the organisers say.

On May 21, at 3 pm, in Sir Robert Hu Tong Library as well, Taiwan’s Integrated Arts Education Association of Taipei will give a lecture entitled “Open the Picture Book and Get Close to You - Reading Picture Books and Children”.

“We come to understand picture books from the perspective of children’s attributes, to appreciate the subtle relationship between the image and text, listen to the voice within the picture book, recall the innocence of children and enter their world,” the programme says, adding “the story, language and image of a picture book have great power and serve as a communication bridge between us and exceptional children and teenagers”.

The following day, May 22, the association from Taiwan gives a workshop on “Shared Reading of Picture Books — Seed of Happiness”. “How to happily read with children? How to select an appropriate picture book? How to conduct this activity with groups possessing different dynamics? How to create a reading environment and unifying ambiance through shared reading?” are some of the questions to be addressed.

The workshop will present “a wide array of performing skills for shared reading of picture books through an integration of sound, facial expression and scenario imagination,” says the programme. The workshop and the seminar by Taiwan’s Integrated Arts Education Association of Taipei will both be conducted in Mandarin, with no interpretation provided.

The Macau Library Week’s full programme, as well as the links for registration in the events, can be found here. Book your book day.