By Maria Caetano

There may not be anything especially new under the sun, as if it matters when you are the one sitting chilly waiting for the sun to rise when everyone else is asleep. The tingling feeling of expectation builds with the warbling of waking birds, the lonely clacking footsteps on the damp pavement outside, and the rustle of water heaters firing up for morning showers floors above.

As with the many simple things that are no different from what they’ve always been, the magic hours require that you be there to appreciate and that your senses are alert to the daily wonder-trick. The same goes for some very quintessential pop lines, which can loop endlessly on the background before you notice how fitting they can be as you go about your day.

Darling, the newest single from Real Estate, is one of those discreet songs that use no expedient means to demand attention. It can loop round incessantly before you care; yet it has enough to pop your bubble if you will allow it.

If you haven’t heard of Real Estate, know that they are into their fourth album by now, In Mind, which will be out on March 17. Aside from the first single, little is known of the ensuing tracks except that they aspire to conjure one of the most revered pop canons of all times, the Beatles’ Abbey Road, perhaps in no more than song structure, but still in a reminder of the enduring and endearing qualities of some simple things.

Real Estate’s frontman Martin Courtney has said that the second song in the albums borrows from I Want You (She’s So Heavy) a 7-minute guitar stride with a chopped-off ending. And perhaps we can think of the preceding single, too, as thinly inspired by songs of the Liverpool Four such as Here Comes the Sun.

The black and yellow finches/That nest in knotted ferns/Which hang upon our front porch/Wait for the warm sun to return,” Courtney sings in the opening lyrics of Darling. The early riser eagerness is announced with soft synths and a short revolving line of guitars and bass with a cheery feeling. “The sun cuts like a knife to shine/Impatiently,” Courtney sings in a balmy voice as to soften our way out of bed. Apart from a nickering horse somehow intruding the song – only in the music video – it is all about the gentleness of a quiet dawn going unnoticed for most, but excitingly fading in for those who linger awake.

Darling – Real Estate

In Mind

Real Estate

Domino Records, 2017