By Sofia Jesus

Today is the last day you have to see Eric Fok’s latest solo exhibition. Change of Times is being held at IFT Café, at Anim’Arte NAM VAN. The showcase is inspired in the Nam Van area, where there were once traditional sailing boats.

As the organisers said, Mr Fok “uses technical pens in his works, crafting antique-looking maps infused with contemporary elements and buildings, probing the changes wrought on places due to urban development”.

In Mr Fok’s drawings, the Macau skyline appears, in the distance, as an illustration of the city’s landscape made some centuries ago. But, if you look closer and more attentively, you will find details that will speak directly to you, inhabitant of the 21st century.

Among the modern elements included in some of Mr Fok’s works featured in this exhibition are some of Macau’s luxury hotels floating in the sea. They stand in the place where they are today, appearing as they would if there had been no reclaimed land in the territory over the years. A reflection on time and progress in a beautiful sepia tone.

I really admire Mr Fok’s work and was happy to learn this week that he has illustrated the poster for this year’s edition of The Script Road — Macau Literary Festival. You can see it here.

So, if you do have time today, pass by the IFT Café after work and check out this exhibition. It will be your last chance to do so. And you wouldn’t want to miss it.