By Luciana Leitão

Either you love her or you hate her, they usually say. I disagree. I don’t love Madonna, but I don’t hate her either. I actually learned to admire her. And she is coming to Macau for a concert this weekend.

It helps having an older brother who is a real fan. I know everything I wanted – and did not want – to know about her. But it did help me put things in perspective.

She has grown a lot as a musician, since she started out in the eighties. I am not a fan of “Like a Virgin” or “True Blue”, but I know them by heart. Some might say this is the trick behind the so-called “chewable” music – you chew and you spit it out when you’re finished –, but, if 30 years later, you still know the lyrics, isn’t there something more to it?

But let’s move on. As I was saying, I am not a fan of the eighties phase, but I learned to appreciate other phases of Madonna’s career. I liked the Erotica phase, even though the music was not my cup of tea. I liked seeing her push some boundaries and even shocking the rest of the world. Photography wise, she did some amazing work.

I liked the Ray of Light phase, in the beginning of 2000, which showed a more spiritual Madonna. And I liked the American Life and Confessions on a Dance Floor phase, between 2003 and 2006, because it showed a more danceable Madonna.

I don’t think anyone can be indifferent to her. She is a singer, a dancer, a producer and one hell of a businesswoman. She also had an important role raising awareness to issues such as AIDS. Plus, she has a legion of fans spread around the world that have somehow felt inspired by her – either by her music or by the way she moved on breaking barriers, and stepping on people’s pre-conceived ideas, especially about sex.

So, for Madonna’s fans out there, this weekend you can see her live at Melco Crown’s Studio City. The tour follows the spring release of Madonna’s Rebel Heart album by Interscope Record. I imagine this concert will mostly focus on that album.

On a more critical note, let me just say that the prices of the tickets are really unreasonable, as these range from MOP$2,588 (EUR286) to MOP$10,588 (EUR1,172). So, for those of you – I include myself in this lot – that are running on a tighter budget, this concert is clearly not for you.