By Luciana Leitão

It stimulates creativity, imagination and it shows you how reading is enjoyable and allows your mind to travel, while staying in the same place, in a very out-of-the-box way. French author Hervè Tullet has been creating visually stunning children’s books, which ask for the parent’s and the children’s active intervention, turning the reading activity a game.

This time, I’m not recommending a book, but almost a concept. Hervè Tullet’s books are all equally challenging, fun and creative, for those who wish to do joint activities with children, while promoting reading habits at the same time. For instance, The Game of Shadows tells a very simple story in an unusual way — you turn off the light and you use a lantern to make shadows on the wall. While you turn the pages of the book, you are telling a story, using the information in the wall. It’s guaranteed fun for all. Children love it, as they are absolutely amazed by the result on the wall, trying to guess who it is or what part of the story it tells, while the adults keep using their own imagination to tell the story.

The Finger Sport Game asks for the intervention of the children’s or the adult’s fingers to play in the story, making role play. Absolute fun, that stimulates reading, imagination and creativity at the same time. Then, there’s The Game of Mirrors which allows babies to discover their own reflection and look at the shapes overlapping and changing. The light effect, their own image captivates young readers, while making them an active part of the process.Experts say this is perfect for children under four. Just try it. It’s as fun for the adult as for the young reader, introducing a very old activity — reading — in a very creative way, creative active readers, story-tellers and overall creative beings.