Surprising. Repulsive. Exciting. Revolting. So many words come up, when talking about this film. Nocturnal Animals, by Tom Ford, brings two stories in one. A thriller that really surprises you. Superb.

The story can be summarised in one sentence: a wealthy art gallery owner reads her ex-husband’s novel, a violent thriller which she interprets to be a revenge tale of their own past.

Susan (Amy Adams) receives a manuscript of a book written by her ex-husband, asking her opinion. The thriller is called Nocturnal Animals and revolves around a man and his family, victim of deadly abuse. While reading the book, Susan keeps going back, recalling her past with her former husband, and facing her own flaws.

The two stories combine, even though around two different topics. While reading the manuscript, Susan keeps moving back and forth to her past and present, confronting herself with her doubts, fears and flaws.

The performances are great. Photography, image, soundtrack, they all combine into a magnificent thriller, that leaves you restless, while you’re watching the film. The plot is well organised, well thought out, well played.

This is Tom Ford’s second experience as a director, and a great one. Everything combines, to a perfect story. Even the ending is perfect.

A story that is also about the choices we make in life and how they come back at you in the future.