Yolanda Kog
Macau, 2016

Every three months mART invites a group of artists from Macau and Lisbon to showcase their talent in our online gallery, by creating an art piece inspired on a topic provided by us.

Sun is our third edition’s theme.



The artist:

Yolanda Kog (Macau)

Yolanda Kog is a post -80s of pisces. She graduated in Fashion Design from Jiangnan University. She has been working as an illustrator, handcraft artist, writer and workshop instructor.

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Montage of innocence — Illustration Exhibition

2015 Fantasy is my poem — Mixed Media Exhibition

2012 I Like You When You Are Quiet — Mixed Media Illustration Exhibition

2009 Legend of cat girl — Illustration Exhibition

Collective Exhibitions

2016 macao&san Francisco art of illustration

2015 Jolly Joint Exhibition

2014 See The World Through A Child’s Eyes

2013-2014 Macao Scenario — Animamix Biennale

2014 Hong Kong&Macao Illustrations

2013 Community Artistic Exhibition ARTS Landing Birds Paradise

2012 Animal Are People Too |


Note: The artist has authorised mART to publish this work.