New Year


New Year

Gonçalo Leitão

Portugal, 2016


Every three months mART invites a group of artists from Macau and Lisbon to showcase their talent in our online gallery, by creating an art piece inspired on a topic provided by us. “New Year” is our first edition theme.

The work:

The artist tells a story about transitioning into a new reality – one that is not yet defined and filled with endless possibilities. The work portrays something “new”, promoting contemplation and interaction with the urban scenery and a staged part. The colors you see in the horizon allude to something that is both negative (grey) as well as positive (pink).

The artist:

Gonçalo Leitão (Portugal) – Photographer

After working for 15 years as a professional geologist in Lisbon, Gonçalo Leitão decided it was time to change his life. He opened a tourism and urban rehabilitation company, embracing also an old passion: photography. He completed a two-year professional training course in the Portuguese Institute of Photography in 2014. He participated in two collective exhibitions in Chapitô, portraying aspects of Lisbon’s life. Currently, he is taking architecture photos for his tourism company. |


Note: The artist has authorised mART to publish this work.