New Door, Old Door

Rodrigo Cabrita
Portugal, 2016

Every three months mART invites a group of artists from Macau and Lisbon to showcase their talent in our online gallery, by creating an art piece inspired on a topic provided by us. Door is our second edition’s theme.




The work:
New Door, Old Door came up during Rodrigo Cabrita’s leisure times, in different places in Portugal. Looking at those doors made him imagine what was their past and what is their present. Which people lived there or still live there, which guests have been there or still go there, which stories have they told or still tell today. Some of these doors are locked forever. They had their time and their story. Others continue to witness the present, until they face the same fate. What do they have in common? The secrets. They all guard secrets.

The artist:

Rodrigo Cabrita (Portugal) – Photographer

Rodrigo Cabrita was born in 1977, in Oeiras. He is a documentary photographer/photojournalist. Currently, he is working as a freelancer and he is available for new work, in Portugal, but also overseas.

 Note: The artist has authorised mART to publish this work.