Catherine Cheong Cheng Wa
Macau, 2016

Every three months mART invites a group of artists from Macau and Lisbon to showcase their talent in our online gallery, by creating an art piece inspired on a topic provided by us. Door is our second edition’s theme.


The artist:

Catherine Cheong Cheng Wa (Macau) 

Catherine Cheong Cheng Wa obtained a degree in Graphic Design at the Macao Polytechnic Institute in 2003. She then went to France and in 2008 graduated in Visual Arts, specialising in printmaking, at the School of Art and Design, Toulon Provence Mediterranean. After returning to Macau, she started working in a government department as an exhibition designer. As a specialist in printmaking, she has participated in “Macao Stories 2 – Love in the City” and other exhibitions, as art director in film and supporting the organisation of art exhibitions. In 2015, she won in the “The 2nd Macao Printmaking Triennial,” an international contest of printmaking, with her work “Macao People”.

As an individual artist, Catherine Cheong Cheng Wa has explored some of the cultural differences between her surrounding environment, people, people and the environment, society, nature, conflict, assimilation, loneliness and other emotional dimensions. Expressing herself in different artistic languages and using several media, including installation, video, printmaking, photography, she has presented her artwork in France, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Beijing, Macau and many other places.

 Note: The artist has authorised mART to publish this work.