The Sun Wields Mercy

Vitorino Coragem
Portugal, 2016

Every three months mART invites a group of artists from Macau and Lisbon to showcase their talent in our online gallery, by creating an art piece inspired on a topic provided by us.

Sun is our third edition’s theme.sol

The work:

A big part of Vitorino Coragem’s work has had the incomparable light of the city of Lisbon as the main character. This image pays tribute to the importance of sun in our lives, as a source of energy and of regeneration.

The artist:

Vitorino Coragem (Portugal)

The artist is a photographer and a journalist. Maria Bicicleta, Light & Sea
Collection, Try Not To Breathe are the names of his latest photographic works, in which faces and body expression have a leading role. Vitorino Coragem covers cultural events, related to poetry and performance, and is a frequent contributor for literary festivals and theatre companies. He is an activist of the usage of bicycle in the city of Lisbon. |

 Note: The artist has authorised mART to publish this work.