There is a place in the city now welcoming regular music nights with local performers. Owner of Wonderwall Coffee tells mART there are already a couple of events scheduled, including a night dedicated to jazz, on April 28, another one dedicated to bossa nova, on May 20, and a blues live session on June 17.

Wonderwall Coffee is a cozy spot, right in the middle of the historical neighbourhood S. Lázaro. “We were running jazz events last year as well, the feedback was quite good,” says Leonel Leong. The jazz night will be co-organised with Macau Jazz Promotion Association, and it is to happen on the International Jazz Day, featuring local performers.

Overall, Mr Leong hopes to develop the venue “more as a music corner in Macau — not only for jazz”. So, he says, starting from May, every Tuesday night there will be a “free jam session from 7 to 9 pm,” for jazz and classic musicians.

Other than that, he is waiting to see how these music events go. But “more opportunities” for live music may be just around the corner.