Local artist Filipe Dores is one of the finalists to an award which will be given by the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, on April 5. Two of his works will be included in an exhibition, taking place from April 6 to 22, at the Mall Galleries, in London.

By Luciana Leitão

“There are five phones in the painting, but will it be possible to have the sixth or the seventh ringing outside the painting?” Filipe Dores asks. Which Phone is Ringing and Which Mirror Reflects the Ringing Payphone are the names of the local artist’s works to be featured in the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours exhibition and which may win an award given by the British institution.

“Honoured” for being featured for the third time “on one of the most historical and traditional exhibitions,” Mr Dores talks to mART about the featured pieces: “Are all these payphones the same? Is there only one payphone here? Which mirror is reflecting the ringing payphone?” The two featured art pieces are part of his new series of watercolour paintings, which aims at posing philosophical questions, departing from daily objects.

With himself and other Macau artists starting to get recognised in international competitions, Mr Dores says that he hopes to see the government “supporting more the artists, maybe even buying the works.” He suggests “there could be a subsidy to support artist involved in international competitions or exhibitions,” as “framing and shipping are highly costly”, especially considering local artists still need to keep their studio. “Life in Macau is very expensive — in a way, more expensive than in Hong Kong. To live here and to be able to continue working as an artist is hard.”