Tajima Hal will be the first guest artist performing in Macau under Han-Ian New Jazz Series. Penny Lam, one of the organisers of the event, tells mART how local association Comuna de Han-Ian hopes to let Macau people discover fresh jazzy sounds from around the world.

By Sofia Jesus

Macau’s cultural association Comuna de Han-Ian is launching a series of jazz concerts aimed at engaging the local audience in the joviality of this musical genre. The first of such concerts brings Japan’s Tajima Hal to the concert venue of Live Music Association (LMA), on Saturday, April 22.

“Jazz is always about future and youth — not only the young people but also those with freshness of mind and creativity,” Comuna de Han-Ian’s Penny Lam tells mART.

Mr Lam says perhaps “many people in Macau think jazz is for the middle class and definitely not for the youth, but there are actually many artists in the world that make jazz sound fresh and energetic”.

He says the association hopes Han-Ian New Jazz Series can bring many “new talented artists from around the world to Macau’s audience”. The shows target everyone and not only jazz lovers, he says. Anyone “can come and enjoy the music in a laid-back way,” he adds.

This year, Han-Ian New Jazz Series will start by focusing in artists from Asia. “If the gigs go well, we hope we will bring some artists from Europe and US,” he says.

Fresh from Japan

Tajima Hal, the first artist to come on stage under this series, will perform at LMA on Saturday at 9 pm. “[He] is talented in mixing his beats and sound samples with jazz, to create a dreamy, cinematic landscape of jazz music,” Mr Lam says. “Tajima will totally change your understanding of jazz and hip hop in an enjoyable way.”

Mr Lam, who is also a filmmaker, says the audience can expect “a fresh, energetic but relaxed feeling of jazz music from Tajima Hal”. The artist, he explains, is “famous for the use of an electronic instrument (instead of just laptop/computer) to create a fresh jazzy sound with a touch of vintage electronic music”.

The Japanese artist gathers samples from old vinyl records, radio and film dialogue, according to Comuna de Han-Ian.

On Saturday, Tajima Hal will play with “a load of electronic instruments,” which makes the show more of a kind of live performance than a DJ show, Mr Lam says. The supporting artists — both local — will also be playing “their own music” instead of “DJing other people’s work,” he adds.

Tajima Hal’s released his latest work, Fine Selection, in February. He will be bringing “all new materials” to his Macau debut performance, the cultural association says.