The Macao Arts Festival features a total of 25 shows, plus 100 activities included in the extension programme, focused on the community. This year’s edition has a budget of 23 million patacas, which is less 4 million than in 2016.

lt starts on April 28 and lasts until May 31. The topic of the 28th edition of the Macao Arts Festival is Heteropia and it “brings programmes for all tastes and ages,” the president of the Cultural Affairs Bureau claimed in a press conference, quoted by Portuguese broadcaster Rádio Macau. Despite the smaller budget, Leung Hio Ming claims quality was ensured by planning ahead and investing a lot in online media.

Portugal’s highlights are the participation of the artist Alexandre Farto, also known as Vhils, and the contemporary dance show Hu(r)mano, by choreographer Marco da Silva Ferreira.

Among the highlights quoted by Rádio Macau, there’s the Play and Play: An Evening of Movement and Music, a reinterpretation of classics by Schubert and Ravel, performed by modern North-American dance company Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zana. Plus, there’s a version of The Seagull, written by Anton Chekhov, which is played by The Reykjavik City Theatre. Included in the programme is the production of magic realism of the classic Westland Feuds, to be performed by the Shaanxi People’s Art Theatre, on the 110th anniversary of Chinese theatre.

Family programmes are also part of this festival. “Rusty Nails & Other Heroesmakes use of different materials and multimedia to create an amusing theatre of objects; the Performing Arts Gala gathers an array of performing arts and injects vitality in the community through the arts; in addition, the children’s musical Metamorphosis under Starry Night  and the children’s theatre reliant solely on hands and clay dolls A Mano further feed the spirit through the arts,” according to a note published by the Government Information BUreau.

The Macao Arts Festival is organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau. In 2016, the budget allocated to the event amounted to 27 million patacas, which was 2 million patacas less than in the previous year.

Tickets are for sale starting from March 12.