By Luciana Leitão

Ieong Man Pan’s solo exhibition titled 99999 opens on March 30, 6.30 pm, at Creative Macau. It features 18 photographs in which the gaming chips appear intertwined with the reality resorting to a post-editing process, reflecting the “current state of Macau” in the artist’s eyes.

“In the past, the camera played a significant role in my creation. This exhibition allows me to focus on the post-editing rather than capturing the scene at the beginning stage,” the artist explains mART. “By computer technology, the possibility of expression can be greater.”

Focusing on the Macau gaming liberalisation, the artist says the “environment led to a great change in the values of everyone”, with “materialism” assuming major importance. “We greatly enhance the desire for consumption in the consumer, which is the inevitable process of rapid economic development,” he says.

Ieong Man Pan was born in the 1980s and has made a career as a freelance photographer. He is currently building an online photo database of Macau, purposely for individuals/organisations to obtain high-quality photographs of Macau and to learn more about Macau photographers.

The exhibition will last until April 29.