Every Sunday, there is a jazz session taking place at Live Music Association (LMA), promoted by Jazz Club de Macau. It started on April 2 and it is expected to keep on.

The basic concept is a performance by the band The Bridge, combined with a jam session by young, old, amateur and professional musicians, that can last all night long. “We chose Sunday, because it was the day in which the musicians were more available”, says the president of the Jazz Club de Macau, José Luís de Sales Marques. “The first session had three continuous hours of live music; the second one [April 9] had at least five hours,” he added. “Amazing things happen — it’s incredible how such fantastic sounds can be produced.”

Professional and amateur musicians, young and old have appeared at LMA on Macau Jazz Sunday Sessions. Sometimes they are invited, sometimes they just show up. For the time being, only local musicians have appeared, but the Macau Jazz Club has the goal of bringing outside musicians from Hong Kong or Mainland China. “On April 30, in the International Jazz Day, we will bring other musicians,” he says. But for the time being, the names are still a secret.