By Luciana Leitão

The Aerial Arts Association Macau is promoting a fund campaign to gather 30.000 patacas to purchase an outdoor aerial rigging structure, so as to be able to perform outdoors. Up until now, they have gathered 8.500 patacas.

“The 6 meter high structure will give us artistic freedom and the possibility to perform without the limitation to rely solely on high-ceiling venues rarely found in Macau,” the campaign promoted on the association’s official Facebook page reads.

Natasha Stankiewicz, a founder of the association, told mART that the reasons for wanting to buy such structure have to do with space constraints in Macau. “Ceilings are not high in Macau, so we are trying to get an outdoor rigging to be able to perform outside,” she says. Plus, it’s “very hard to book venues in Macau,” making it easier for aerial arts performers if they had this outdoor structure. In addition, “art is very connected to nature,” and outdoor events would allow performers to be in close relationship with the sun and the outdoors. “It will be nice for Macau people to do something else and to be closer to the art, not enclosed in four walls,” she mentions.

The money gathered will be used to buy a metal structure, used in professional circus, which will be shipped from the United States. “It will allow us to go anywhere,” she says. Until now, they’ve gathered 8500 patacas, but the total amount needed will be about 30.000 patacas. “We will try to cover as much as possible,” she says. Yet, the association “will try to buy the structure regardless how much money” they get.

The association is promoting its first outdoor project titled Moon”s Light, taking place on May 12 to 14, at Iao Hon Square, and will already use such structure. The association also wishes to buy new equipment like crash mats, aerial equipment, safety gears.

Donations can be made by cheque under the name Aerial Arts Association and sent to Macau Design Centre, Front Desk G/F 門製造廠巷5Travessa da Fabrica N0. 5, or can be made through a bank transfer to the account 01-01-10-487621 (Bank of China).