The Team

Luciana Leitão

Founder / Editor

Born in Lisbon. Living in Macau. Journalist passionate about journalism with a soft spot for writing and literature. Or is it the other way around?

Sofia Jesus

Founder / Editor

Journalist in love with writing, traveling, and anything in between. Heart torn between chai and broa de milho. Looking to be amazed at least twice a day.

Sérgio Rola

Founder / Web Guru

Guy in the back that makes sure the website works and looks good. Web designer|front-end developer, photographer & DJ. Occasional pursuer of hedonism.

Maria Caetano


Macau and Lisbon-lover gone astray, now rambling the streets of London. Has been told by a fortune teller she’ll live to be happy after turning 80. Journalist.

Clara Tehrani


The advertising writer who loathes consumerism, she repays her debt to society by promoting culture, and spreading love. Also known for her endurance in the dance floor.